Wilson Shook LMT, CMT


Wilson Shook LMT, CMT: Visceral Manipulation, Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.



Your feedback is always appreciated!  Below are a few reflections from folks I've worked with over the years.  If you have anything you'd like to share, please let me know!


“I went to see Wilson yesterday for Visceral Manipulation. What an amazing treatment! He did an assessment of my posture and overall body mechanics and then went right into the session. He is so present with what he is doing, and I really felt like there was some deep unwinding that was happening as he did the work. It was different than anything else I experienced. 

I usually relax during treatments but this was another level. I was in such a deep trance I might have even been snoring. I was so incredibly deeply relaxed throughout the session and afterwards. 

Cannot wait to go back. Thank you very much Wilson, you are so gifted.”

"Wilson, I appreciate you more than you know.  Thank you for helping facilitate my healing."

"Wilson is a truly gifted massage therapist whose work is deeply healing. Also, a trans-aware provider who is completely respectful and trustworthy.  Five Stars!"

"I often feel a bit anxious getting body work done, but I felt very comfortable with Wilson right from the start. It was a much more patient and less abrupt experience than I have usually had with other massage therapists. This helped me ease into the experience and also I felt he uncovered spots of stress and strain I wouldn’t have identified on my own. I left the session completely happy and grateful. I recommend Wilson’s services enthusiastically - he has an intuitive gift I imagine anyone could benefit from."

“I saw Wilson because I am very interested in Visceral Manipulation. Wilson is MAGICAL! Seriously, magical. I honestly have no words to express how amazing I felt when I awoke from his work. My body felt restored and I was barely able to make it back to the place I was staying.”

"I've had a lot of different kinds of bodywork, but that was very profound. For the first time in a long time I feel human!"

"Our session yielded such incredible results for me, it's hard to even put into words.  The rest of that day I physically almost felt like a truck had run over me or that I was drugged - I took a nap and had some heavy energy in the aura, but accompanied by the knowledge that I was experiencing an energetic flow in the body in places that had long been stagnant.  I experienced a deep night of sleep, and woke up the next morning with absolutely glowing skin and eyes, and more energy than I've had in YEARS.  It was REMARKABLE! I would absolutely love to continue our work together and to make more progress in clearing and rejuvenating!"

"I have personally benefitted from Wilson's massage skills, and have frequently referred my patients to receive his services as well"

"Wilson was very thoughtful and thorough and seems to have an amazing sense of the human body & healing.  He was calm, respectful, present, patient, and kind.  I asked for feedback about my skeletal/muscular system and he was very nice to take the time to give me some.  His pace and flow was wonderful as it really gave my body and mind time to be focused and ready for the massage."

"Wilson is extremely skilled, intuitive and focused; best therapist in town."

"Wilson's approach is natural and intuitive. I felt like the massage that he gave was personalized, and suited my needs entirely. In the days following my massage, I felt grounded, happy, and relaxed throughout my body. I also noticed a significant improvement in my ankle, which had been injured a few months before. Anyone who receives bodywork from him is lucky!"

Thanks so much for the session yesterday. I always feel sore in a bunch of weird places after sessions, which I think is so cool. I just wanted to mention that the inflammatory liver indications on my tongue were gone when I got home- that and the signs for toxic stagnation in the lower jiao were also gone. A great visual indication of what your work is really doing in there. Still no signs of them today, and I feel great!

"You have changed my life.  Thank you."