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Wilson Shook LMT, CMT: Visceral Manipulation, Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.

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Visceral Manipulation

Therapeutic Bodywork

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I am a manual therapist specializing in Visceral Manipulation, a gentle, targeted approach to easing restrictions within and around the internal organs, restoring healthy movement and function. By assisting the body in working through its internalized responses to physical and emotional trauma, VM works with the often neglected root causes of chronic injury, structural imbalance and dysfunction. Each session incorporates a balance of targeted visceral work and full-body musculoskeletal work, with the goal of restoring your body’s ability to adapt and heal on its own.

I am consistently honored and humbled to work safely with trauma and the residual effects of injuries, illnesses, and surgeries that each of us carries throughout life. Any of these experiences leaves its mark on the body, and can show up in unexpected ways even years later — often as functional impairment of a particular organ or musculoskeletal dysfunction caused by patterns of compensation. A skilled VM practitioner can accurately and quickly identify the structures involved, and work to release tension, improve function and lighten the emotional load of the tissues.

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Emotional and visceral wellness are intimately related.  The organs record physical and emotional trauma, and retain this information throughout life. Particular organs may respond to stress or other stimuli in ways that mimic dysfunction in the organ, although there may be nothing otherwise wrong with it. Likewise, physical experiences can trigger distinct memories or emotions. When these reactions exceed our ability to cope in healthy ways, they require a treatment that appreciates the fundamental interrelation of these systems. Visceral Manipulation interrupts this cycle, while supporting you in finding a greater sense of balance, ease and embodiment.

Nearly all injuries have an important visceral component. VM is effective in treating a variety of issues, including motor vehicle injuries, reproductive and urinary issues, postural imbalance, PTSD, digestive issues, migraines, sciatica, heart and lung issues, brain injuries, anxiety, depression and much more.  I have experience working in depth with a wide variety of physical and emotional complaints.  For more information about Visceral Manipulation, I recommend visiting the Barral Institute website.

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I work with people of all backgrounds, all genders and body types, in all stages of life.  I strive to be welcoming and respectful, to provide a safe healing space and a supportive presence. I’m always happy to talk about my work, so please get in touch with any questions you may have! 

I studied massage at the Northwest Academy of Healing Arts, graduating in 2014. Since then, I have studied Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute, levels 1-6, as well as related coursework. I continue to refine and expand my technique and my understanding with further studies.

Washington State LMT no. MA 60565360. California CMT no. 74314.